Floatation Therapy and Improved Circulation


Floatation Therapy and Improved Circulation Throughout life, we take our bodies for granted. We push ourselves over and over again until we reach the point of realizing we can’t do things the same way

Floatation Therapy and Improved Circulation2019-08-16T18:30:05-04:00

Floatation Therapy For PTSD Sufferers


Floating has become increasingly more popular among veterans and those suffering from PTSD. Whether it is releasing anxiety or being able to avoid traditional medication, people are more and more turning to floatation therapy.

Floatation Therapy For PTSD Sufferers2019-05-17T21:10:37-04:00

Floatation Therapy and Increased Creativity


People choose flotation therapy for countless reasons. It’s been shown to reduce stress, boost the mood, enhance sleep, and relieve pain. But, can this simple action actually get your creativity flowing? Testimonials say yes,

Floatation Therapy and Increased Creativity2019-04-26T16:40:25-04:00

Floatation Therapy and Stress Relief


Let’s be honest, isolation pods look pretty futuristic! These relaxing tanks are filled with soothing saltwater, warmed to body temperature, allowing you to float your troubles away. Sounds cool, but is there actually any

Floatation Therapy and Stress Relief2019-04-26T16:41:16-04:00
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