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Imagine yourself floating weightlessly while your body and mind completely relaxes.  You’re in a private room completely away from outside distractions, worries and stress.  You are lying on top of ultra-saturated salt water that’s the same temperature as the outside of your body which maintains a feeling of zero gravity.  Everything is designed to quiet the mind and bring you to a new and better state of being.  This is truly a revolutionary form of therapy that provides unparalleled health benefits.

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Discover how this all-natural therapy can provide hundreds of mental and physical health benefits including pain and stress relief!

Benefits Of Floating

Sensory deprivation, paired with floating in 10 inches of water saturated with 1,000lbs of Epsom salt is the gateway to a better you.

What Is Float Therapy?

Ascend is the newest and largest float center in WNY featuring four unique floatation experiences.  See why we ‘Ascend’ above the rest!

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Step In and Let Go!

Let go of stress and anxiety with a special first time floater discount.

Floating with us is easy!  With a convenient location, expansive hours and the most floatation rooms in WNY, we’re ready when you are.  Come experience all of the amazing health benefits of floating with a special first-time floater rate of ONLY $49.99!

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“Since I started floatation therapy I sleep noticeably better through the night.”

Karl S

“My joint stiffness and pain is virtually gone thanks to floating at Ascend.”

Kevin P