Did you know that floatation therapy can provide more than just stress relief? Floating can help you manage chronic pain as well as numerous other ailments. From rheumatoid arthritis to old athletic injuries, flotation therapy is gaining a reputation for being a stress-free alternative to taking medication.

Many Americans struggle with chronic pain every single day. People of any age can experience the discomfort associated with diseases and injuries alike. If you’re one of these people, floatation therapy can boost your pain relief efforts and potentially replace medication all together.

One of most prominent ways floatation helps with physical pain is by relieving muscle and joint tension. Floating takes zero effort. The tanks constantly filter the water that is highly concentrated with Epsom salt. This makes the water much denser than if you were in a swimming pool or taking a bath. No matter your size or shape, you will float completely effortlessly as if you were lost in space. This allows for full relaxation of your muscles as well as your mind.

Float therapy helps oxygenate your body by promoting dilation of blood vessels, thus lowering your blood pressure. This results a blood flow to your organs, limbs, and brain that is much more efficient then laying down, taking a nap, or receiving a massage. In turn, this helps minimize muscular pain that includes chronic aches and pains from degenerative disc disease or herniated disks.

Are you an athlete, or did you have an intense workout at the gym? Floating can help you bounce back much quicker by reducing lactic acid in the blood. While suspended in zero gravity, lactic acid has the opportunity to release out of your muscles at a faster rate. In turn, this reduces overall muscle stiffness and aches whether you are on or off the field.  Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows how hard the entire process is on your body. Floating can help reduce sciatica pain, swelling, as well as lower blood pressure. It is also a great alternative to chiropractic care and can help you gain energy while having a better night’s sleep.

Arthritis affects specific joints with chronic inflammation both locally and systemically. There are many types of arthritis. The one thing they have in common is that they are all affected by your level of stressful activity.  This is also true for fibromyalgia.

So, what is the magic behind floating? Magnesium!  Magnesium is essential for joint and muscle repair as it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.  Magnesium can be taken orally by purchasing it in the vitamin section at your local grocery store. However, skin absorption of magnesium is much more effective.  Due to inefficiencies in our digestive system, it is beneficial to bypass the digestive tract. Magnesium is also critical for calcium absorption. unlike calcium, we do not store magnesium in our body for very long.

For someone with less severe chronic pain, floating could replace medication entirely. The effects are extremely powerful and many people decide to forgo relying on prescription or over-the-counter pain relief to deal with their condition. It can be extremely frustrating when your current pain relief just isn’t enough. This is especially true for those who need to take medication to manage the discomfort. It can feel like a never-ending cycle and that you are not able to live your life fully. Try adding floatation therapy to your regimen as a natural and holistic way to get a better handle on your pain.